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Welcome to Crystal Nest, Australia's #1 brand of Edible Birds' Nest

100% nautral, 100% Australian owned and operated, Crystal Nest collects the world’s best quality birds’ nest from the pristine island of Sumatra, Indonesia for you to enjoy. Each delicate nest is hand picked without disturbing the birds’ natural habitat, and cleaned by trained professionals without the use of chemicals or artificial whitening. 

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Who is Crystal Nest?


For over a decade, Crystal Nest® has been involved in the edible bird nest industry throughout Asia. As a supplier of bird nest to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia, we have established ourselves as a very reputable and trusted supplier.

Now available in Australia, Crystal Nest® has become one of the countries most trusted and recognised brands of premium quality, 100% natural birds’ nest.

When you purchase Crystal Nest® Birds’ Nest you can be guaranteed of 100% quality with no added chemicals, bleaching agents or flavouring. We sell only the finest grade nests, carefully hand selected from our breeding houses in the tropics of Indonesia, then meticulously hand cleaned without chemicals to ensure our customers ultimate peace of mind, and nest which is beautiful in shape and taste and packed full of beneficial nutrients… Simply the way nature intended!

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